One Day Itinerary to Sentosa Island from Singapore City


Sentosa Island, popularly and rightly known as the capital of fun, is probably the most visited place in Singapore. In fact, people from nearby countries like Thailand and Malaysia, come to Singapore exclusively to visit Sentosa Island. This awesome place is full of attractions that cannot be found anywhere other than Singapore. Though, you will surely need more than a day to experience this place, here’s what a one-day itinerary should look like if you are coming to Sentosa Island from a Singapore city tour.

Getting to Sentosa Island

Yes, even getting here is fun and adventurous. There are quite a few ways to get here but the most popular one is the Singapore Cable Car. You can board this cable car ride from Mount Faber as early as 8:45 am and take on the most scenic ride in Singapore. On the way, you also have a chance to spot Dolphins as the cable car passes over Adventure Cove. You can get off on the Island, or continue to the Sentosa Line which takes you to all the wonderful attractions on Sentosa Island. Another way to get to the island is by walking. Know as the Sentosa Boardwalk, this starts from VivoCity. It is quite picturesque and full of wonderful places to see. It covered and has travelators. You will save some money by walking, not to mention, you get good exercise.

Universal Studios Singapore

The most popular attraction in Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore, is a part of the Resorts World Sentosa. Now, you can choose to spend your whole day here enjoying amazing rides and shows based on movies and important places, or you can make a list of rides you want to experience and finish them in 3-4 hours and be off to explore more of Sentosa Island. Universal Studios Singapore has 7 themed sections – Madagascar, New York City, Sci-Fi City, The Lost World, Far Far Away, Ancient Egypt and Hollywood. You can enjoy the awesome rides in these sections. 3 rides you should not miss are Transformers: The Ride 3D, Jurrasic Park Rapid Adventures, and Battlestar Galactica. Universal Studios Singapore is so popular that many Singapore City Tours include just this place as a part of their tour. You also eat and do some souvenir shopping here.

Catch Views from Tiger Sky Tower

At 131 meters above sea level, Tiger Sky Tower is the highest observation tower in the country. Tickets are easy to come by and in a matter of a few minutes, you can be on top of the tower. Atop, you get stunning of views of the whole country. It is breathtaking, and you will be lost in the great expanse. On a cloudless day, you can even spot neighboring countries Malaysia and Thailand. Although, this just might be an exaggeration, however, there no denying you will get some of the most breathtaking views here. You’ll probably be done with this activity in half an hour or 45 minutes.

Ziplining at Mega Adventure

There many activities that won’t be able to do on a Singapore City Tour from Sentosa Island, as these activities are exclusive to the island. One great example is the Mega Adventure Park. This place is for the whole family and you are guaranteed to have a great time. How? By ziplining of course. The park has the longest zip line which is 450 meters in length. That is almost half a kilometer long. But this enormous length is gone in a jiffy as you zip line down. En route, you pass through the forest and go even some beaches. You will love doing this. This is not all though, There’s also MegaClimb, a treetop rope course, and MegaJump a free-fall simulator. You can easily spend a good couple of hours here.

Relaxing at Palawan Beach

Evening time post-sunset, just come and relax on the Palawan Beach. This is one of the best beaches on Sentosa Island. All over the beach, you will find suspension bridges that give you a feel of being a movie. There are many activities that you can do here. But it’s better to just relax here after an eventful day. There are a few bars here where you can grab some food and drinks and just sit on the beach, enjoy the white sand, and sparkling blue waters.

Party at Tanjong Beach

Palawan Beach is not the only place to relax. Tanjong Beach too is a good place to do that during the day. There are many swimming pools and loungers here where you can chill with a drink in your hand. But at night, this beach turns into party central. The Tanjong Beach Clubs hosts a party every couple of months which is the hottest party on Sentosa Island. These parties are full of awesome music, happy revelers, delicious drinks and an atmosphere that will put you in a happy mood, and take the day’s fatigue away. Next day, you can take a Singapore City Tour from Sentosa Island and continue to enjoy the beauty of Singapore.

Sentosa Island is a wonderful place that gets better every day. There is so much to do and see here that planning a day is hard. You can book yourself a nice Singapore City Tour with Sentosa Island and catch the best sight and sounds of the island. You can also stay on the island and enjoy its many attractions. However, if you just have a day, do the above-mentioned activities and have a great time.


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