Have you ever wondored!!!

What adventure is really?
The hurddles that comes while seeking the destination.

Seldom trips are such a bliss.

The place “PANGOT” a tourist destination at a height of 6,300ft.

“580 Bird species”

Pangot is a hidden solitaire of NAnital city (Uttrakhand).
Pangot is situated 17km away from nanital city.
Devoid of the maddening crowd and the cellular networks.It’s a paradise for bird watchers.

In search of a cold, peace and adventure place I found this hidden gem of nanital. Which is a short time distraction from this hot indore climate.

Heading to the Pangot via Delhi and Kathgodam, the path becomes adventurous and happening.


•By Road
Pangot is well connected by roads with delhi and major cities. Buses and taxis are easily available. It is situated 17km ahead of Nanital.

•By Train
Kathgodam is the nearest railhead situated 20km before Pangot. Taxis from Kathgodam to Pangot are easily available and it costs around rs300.

•By Air
Pantnagar is the nearest airport situated 58km away. Taxis from Airport to Pangot is easily available and it costs  around rs.600.

Camp Mehi

we started a 3 days expedition. We hired taxis from kathgodam. We surfed many hotels but at the end we decided to do trekking and booked a tent.

•Do you people know
What really trekking is??
° According to me , Every footsteps that counts a mile is the actual trekking.

∆ Camp Mehi:

It’s an excellent place for adventure and camping.
The camp will provide you with a delicious breakfast ,lunch and a dinner.
The camp have an open place for Bonfire….!!!!
Inside the camp are many thrilling activities.

DAY 1:

I started my day with a morning breeze and a cup of coffee with Aloo Paratha.
Then I dressed up and got ready with my backpack with a packed lunch and moved for “Trekking”.

The sound of morning fresh wind and chirping of birds makes me so fresh and stress free that I headed towards 16km trek.

China Peak

We headed towards the china peak which is 2,611 F.T away. After the land slide that occurs 200yrs ago, the peak now is named as Naina peak which is now 8,622 F.T.

As I was leaving my foot marks , the hurddles were increasing. I covered the 16km path with proper stopages.
No one can cover 16km in one run. The area is so risky.
Although I managed and reached the top point.
The moment i reached there,the nature was so happening and relaxing.It seems like I was at the top of the world , or I can say the place is “JANNAT”.

We can see the views of
° Nanital city
°Naina peak
°Naini lake (in the shape of mango)
°Himalayan mountain
I was like ” I want to capture each and every moment” . As each and every moment combined makes a beautiful travel story.
I stayed there upto 4 o’clock.And then returned to camp. While returning back in late afternoon it was cloudy and dark so  one should carry torch with them.
Finally we reached the camp. Delicious dinner, bonfire and rocking music . What else one can ask after such a hectic day.

DAY 2 :

Everything was planned for the day.

The day started with a task. I have to wait in a queue for hot water as it was so cold in Pangot.
After taking bath , I was all set to explore new adventure.

Firstly, we went to a 3.5km trek. This time there was no view of any city or anything. We trekked just for rappelling. Rappelling was  challenging task for us . We were scared to do so ,but their was a guide who guided us and taught us the techniques of rappelling. I had done this for the first time in my life, therefore it made me so scared but happy and confident. After completing the activity we headed back to the camp.
We reached camp at lunch time. The cook made a complete diet for us. After having our lunch we moved for rest of the activities which was in our camp itself.

Camp provide us exhilarating fun activities :
°Burma Bridge
° Flying fox
° Ladder bridge

We divided ourselves in groups . My group was first to complete the activity of Burma Bridge.

•Burma Bridge
It’s structure has two parallel ropes – one above the other – strung  from poles or trees. Participant have to climb the structure through one end through ladders and walk across the ropes. We have to walk on one rope while holding the other one at the head height for support. We were secured with harness and a instructor will properly instruct.

•Flying Fox
The flying fox just enthusiasts enjoy gravity and full speed of air flow as you fly like a hawk in secured harness. The views are more than breathtaking.

•Ladder Bridge
Walking across a ladder bridge strung between two trees at a height.

That’s all about the whole hectic and awe- inspiring day.
Just had our dinner and a last bornfire  night we checked out from the camp and parted back to our food hub city “Indore”.

•Things Need to Carry:
° Torch
° Windcheater
° Trek pants
° Sports shoes
° Cap
° Small backpack
° water bottle
° Sunglasses
° Medicines

Throughout  the weekend we trekked to the jungle and discussed everything under the moonlight around bonfire.
There was no wifi connection in the wilderness but believe me ,you don’t need any cellular network as if the place will never dissapoint you. The himalyan mountain aroma engulfed us and the place was so happening.


” Capture The World Through Your Artistic Eyes ”

 “Contest entry for The Adventurer Blog Contest May 2018 by Bikat Adventures” 



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  1. Claire 11 months ago

    Wow, I have never heard of this area before but it looks so beautiful! Would love to do the camping and zip lining too!

    • Author
      Jyoti porwal 5 months ago

      yes, it’s really beautifull. You should plan a visit there and let me know if you need any help.

  2. daniele 11 months ago

    Spending sometimes on your-own is important, especially doing this kinda experience!
    Your guide is very detailed so thanks for sharing, hope to visit these places soon 🙂

  3. Wow, this place looks so magical and breathtaking! I love hiking so I think I’d enjoy this but man 26,000 steps is a lot!

    • Author
      Jyoti porwal 5 months ago

      yes, it was a challenging task but you will definitely enjoy it.

  4. Danijela 11 months ago

    Sounds like a nice trek. I mean, it’s not far from the city, but look how beautiful it is, almost like it’s some remote wilderness. And nowadays, when you reach a place with no network and your phone stops working, you know that you’ve found yourself a nice place to put your mind to rest, right! 😀
    Lovely photos, by the way. Thanks for the suggestion, seems like a thing to do! 🙂

  5. Taiss 11 months ago

    That sounds very adventurous indeed! I love the views that the trekking provided you even though a bit strenuous! So cool that they planned all of these fun activities for the group so to make it even more exciting! Looks like a place that is a must for nature lovers!

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