Getting traffic to your blog is one of the biggest challenge all the bloggers have today. However the good content may be but if the content marketing is not good then your post might not get the deserved traffic. We have already talked about 51 ways to get traffic to your blog in our earlier post. Now its time to talk about something different and unique way to not only get more traffic but also more subscription.

If you have noticed recently web push notification is widely used now a days and this is what we will try to understand and implement for our blog as well.

Web push notification is the popping notification subscriber gets when he opens his web. If you are using a smartphone, you will be aware of push notifications sent by your installed apps. Web-push notifications are similar to smartphone push notifications where your subscribers will be notified when a new post is published or when you manually send a push notification.

iZooto – is one of the tool which you can make your blog to run push notification in mins.

Today we will learn how to install and run push notification in your wordpress blog.

Step 1: Create an account with iZooto.

Creating an account with izooto is very easy. You need to fill simple signup form and create an account


Step 2 : Verify your mail.
Once the account is created you need to verify your mail id by clicking on the verification link they send to your mail id.

Step 3: Add your website
Once you have verified the email id. You can login to your iZooto account and add your website


Step 4: Add Logo
Once the website is added it will ask you to add logo which you can add if required.

Step 5 : Install iZooto wordpress Plugin
Install the wordpress plugin of iZooto and add the Plugin key which you can get for Integration setting in the setting section of your iZooto account


Step 6 : Configuration

You can configure you iZooto settings from wordpress like allowing Auto-Push for all new post etc.


Step 7 : Create Campaign

You can create a campaign also and send to all your subscribers who have accepted your push notifications.


Note : You can see entire step by step document with screenshot here

You are done now !! Save all your settings and now every time your blog is opened a push notification subscription will be asked and if the viewer allow it, he will get notified for all your new published post !! You can also start your campaign as mentioned in step 7 too.

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  1. People’s are using izooto 🙂
    This is developed by our team in last company.

  2. Vivek 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review. I am Vivek Khandelwal, Founder of the company building iZooto. It’s great to see such candid feedback and reviews.

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