Desert safari Dubai is one of the most popular activities in Dubai. This exciting safari draws thousands of tourists and locals alike. One of the main reasons why people are drawn to it is the promise of adventure and excitement. As tourists, just looking at monuments and attractions can get boring after a while. That’s why, you need an exciting activity like desert safari with quad biking to get that adrenalin pumping.

quad biking in dubai desert safari

What is Quad Biking?

Quad bikes are All Terrain Vehicles with four gigantic wheels that allow you to drive on rough terrains at high speeds. Quad bikes are single seaters, and are extremely fun to ride. Quad bikes are quite popular all over the world, as they can be ridden in any terrain. The are also extensively used in adventure sports. Riding them can be quite and adventure. Therefore, they are used in the desert safari.

Quad Biking Desert Safari

Your first taste of adventure in the quad biking desert safari is dune bashing in SUVs. Only powerful 4×4 SUVs are capable of riding through the sands of the deserts. Your are taken dune bashing in them. The drivers are experts and will ensure you remain safe all the time. However, you will still get an adventurous ride that is comparable to a roller coaster ride.

Dubai desert safari Dune Bashing

After the ride, comes the time for you to alone conquer the golden sand dunes on a state-of-the-art quad bikes. If you are not completely familiar with a quad bike, you will be provided crash-course training on how to ride them. Then it will be time for you to head out on your own. Of course, there will be professional safety instructors watching over you.

After riding once over the sand dune, you will get a good hang of the ATV, and by the end of your ride, you will feel like an absolute expert. These quad bikes are that easy and fun to ride.

Additional Adventures

Sand Boarding in Dubai Desert

After riding the quad bike, you’d think the fun is over but no. There are additional activities you can opt for. These are sandboarding and camel riding. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding except it is done on the smooth dunes of the desert. The desert sand is smooth, and the dunes can reach up to great heights. If you want to sandboard, you will be given training and a sandboard. This is a safe yet fun activity, which you will thoroughly enjoy doing.

camel ride in dubai desert safari

The desert safari is all about experiencing the Bedouin lifestyle. This experience would be incomplete without taking a camel ride. Camels, as we know, are the ship of the desert. Their feet are designed to be effective on desert terrain. So, riding them is also quite fun. They are friendly creatures, and there will also be handlers present when you take a ride on them. Therefore, you can safely take a ride and enjoy the unique feeling.

At the Desert Camp

If you have not opted for the morning safari with quad biking, you will be taken to the Bedouin style desert camp. Here, you can indulge in activities like Henna painting, photography in traditional clothing, and smoking Hubbllee Bubblee.

heena design painting

Henna tattooing is done on special occasions, where hands and feet of the women are painted in beautiful designs. The painting is temporary but will make your hands and feet look beautiful.

At the camp, you can dress up in traditional Emirati clothing and click pictures of yourself. Imagine how jealous your friends will get when you post them on social media.

smoked shisha

Have you ever smoked shisha (Hubbllee Bubblee)? Well, this is your chance. At the camp, you can sit by the bonfire and smoke shisha, chit chatting with your friends and family. There is also an unlimited supply of delicious Arabic coffee that is roasted over fire and ground to perfection. This coffee is guaranteed to be one of the best coffees you’ve ever had.

Dinner Time

Dinner in Dubai desert

Soon, it will be time for dinner. After a day spent quad biking, you will surely have built up an appetite. Dinner is full of healthy and delicious salads and BBQ veg and non-veg delicacies. Cooked by some of the best cooks around, the food will have you licking your fingers.


belly dance in dubai desert safari

True to the Bedouin style, dinner comes with superb entertainment. You have Tanoura and Belly dancers performing to entertain you. You are guaranteed to be mesmerised by their entertaining performances.

If you only want to experience only the desert adventures, you can choose the morning safari with quad biking. It starts early in the morning and you are done by the afternoon. This way, you can plan something else that is uniquely Dubai.

However, if you choose the desert safari with quad biking, you also get the eventful evening full of food and entertainment. So, choose your favourite  dubai desert safari , and have a wonderful Dubai experience.


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