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“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

It was my childhood dream to roam in the twisted roads of mountains with my own bike, to stop the bike on random turns and take snaps, to float like a fish in Ganges, to sit on the Ganges beach for hours, to draw random pictures on sand and enjoy the evening at the beaches of the holy river “Gange’s”

But I don’t know how I can ??

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

So I decided, I have to come out of my comfort zone and go for a road trip…

Now the most important question is, who is my partner in this road trip. I have tried so many friends of mine, but every one is busy in there own routine. Finally I have a thought – “Road Trip with your Sibling”

And finally I get my partner in crimes, one of my Uncle’s Son, which is of my age group, and ready to go with me.

I will post the entire story related to the travel part, in my next blog.

So many peoples wants to try rafting, but because of the inner fear, security reasons they don’t do. So here I am sharing my experience of rafting, it will definitely helpful to those who wants to try this.

Do’s and don’t do’s:

– Do not force any one for rafting. Its a person own choice.

– Go with a free mind. Yes if there is some kind of mental stress than don’t go for rafting.

– Clearly listen to the rafting instructor instructions and follow them sincerely. During rafting session he is the pilot of your raft.

– The life gadgets provided by them are sufficient enough to save you if you will jump at the deepest point in Gange’s. You will float like a sheet of plastic floating on water.

– Always be attentive when you are in raft or in the river.

– Some time the raft lost it balance in rapids, this is the time when mostly people lost there patience and it will lead to accident. Its a normal thing, the key point to manage yourself in such condition is: throw yourself outside of raft when raft loses it balance in a rapid so that you are not inside the raft. Because this is the worst scenario, if raft loses its balance and you are trapped under the raft and it will create a cage type scene.

If you throw yourself outside of raft, than nothing happens with you, you will simply start floating on the surface and the raft instructors will make every thing as it is in less than 5 minutes and than they will pull each member to raft again.

– Enjoy the raft trip without any panic, because panic will ruin your life time experience.

– The rafting instructors are trained enough to deal with every thing.

– If some thing unfavorable happens than the first thing you have to do is “Save yourself and than help other members”

– The risk factor is very low, but still is there 😛

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

Happy traveling

Fir milege kahi kisi roj ghumte firte 🙂

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