If you’re going for a road trip and planning on taking your feline companion along, don’t expect your kitty to wiggle its tail and enjoy the soft breeze on its whiskers. Most felines are not particularly fond of traveling and lengthy car rides, mostly because it forces them to get out of their comfort zone. This unfamiliar experience might make your cat nervous and stressed out so it’s necessary to take certain precautions so you’d be sure that your kitty is well taken care off. These few tips just might help you prepare your cat properly so it wouldn’t dread the upcoming road trip.

Smart Tips for Traveling with Your CatKeep It Comfy

Every cat owner knows that comfort is one of the main priorities for felines. It’s no different when traveling and that’s exactly why you should aim to provide your cat with a comfy place to dwell in, while on the road. Cats don’t require too much space so a standard size cat carrier should be enough to please your kitty. A carrier will also help you keep your cat from roaming around the car and causing an accident or a disaster. It’s also a good idea to equip the carrier with blankets and padding, preferably something that’ll smell of home, as it’ll help keep your cat calm.

Take Regular Breaks

Depending on the length of the trip you’re planning, it’ll be necessary to take regular breaks so your cat would be able to stretch out and use the litter box. Cats have the ability to sleep up to 20 hours a day, but given the circumstances and the change of surroundings, it would be wise to take breaks at least every few hours. Another thing to keep in mind is to be careful when letting your cat out of the carrier and out of the car. If your cat is anxious, it just might take this opportunity to run away or hide, so if you wish to avoid chasing your cat along the highway, then it’s better to take some extra precautions.

Don’t Forget The ID

If your cat doesn’t have a microchip, it would be wise to carry some form of identification with you. It’s also a good idea to put a collar on your cat with identification and medical tags in case your feline companion gets lost or runs away. There have been countless of cases of dogs and cats taken to a shelter because they had no means of identification, so if you wish to avoid these types of scenarios, it would be best to provide your cat with proper documentation.

Smart Tips for Traveling with Your CatProvide Refreshments

Just like humans, cats require food and drinks during the trip. Of course, if you wish to avoid making a mess, it’s best to provide your cat with refreshments during breaks. It’s also a smart idea not to feed your cat before starting the ride, as there’s always a possibility of a cat suffering motion sickness. If this is the case, you can always use anti-motion sickness medications to soothe your cat’s belly and prevent drooling or vomiting.

Keep Them Occupied

Lastly, if you wish to make sure that your cat is stress-free during the road trip, the best option is to provide your feline friend with some cat toys to keep them occupied. Choosing familiar toys will help keep your cat calm and keep its focus on the trinkets rather on the car ride itself.

Traveling with your cat doesn’t necessary have be a disastrous event. If you remember to bring all the essentials and prepare your cat properly, your excursion just might go without any major difficulties. Just remember to take all the safety precautions and perhaps consult with the veterinarian before departure.



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