The Jungle Book, much before it got converted into a fantastic film, has been a childhood fantasy of every Indian. The picturesque setting of a river flanked by lush green forest on both sides is a sight to behold. Where would one find this setting? Where else, but Seoni in Madhya Pradesh which is home to the Pench Tiger Reserve!



Imagine my excitement when I got a chance to visit this forest in May early this year. As most wildlife lovers would know, Madhya Pradesh is known to conserve it’s forests vehemently. The topography of it’s forests can be compared to carved nature’s beauty – be it the dreamlike Kahna, or the homely Bandhavgarh or the story-teller forest of Pench. As I entered Madhya Pradesh via Maharashtra (by road from Nagpur), the scene around me totally changed. The highways were no more dull green and brown (in the 46 degree summer heat) but were flanked with tall green and yellowish forest trees on either sides. It was almost a green carpet welcome! After a very comfortable journey along the highway, we checked into our simple yet a very decent resort in Seoni. And post freshening up, begun our excitement, our journey that become one of my most memorable safaris so far in my life!



From amazing birds who patiently waited for a click, to peacocks who kept dancing with excitement, and not to mention tigers (a mother and daughter) who kept playing with each other with completely bonding and love, and let us paparazzi click them for a good 20 patient minutes, the experience was as thrilling as it could get! Even though it was hot summer, the forest ensured we din’t face the heat (literally)! The silence of the forests, the identification of the sound of birds and animals and some warm moments with your colleagues in a safari – is what defines this amazing experience as magical.

Click the link below to get the more details on the trip.

Tales from the Jungle Book Forest


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  1. Michelle D. 12 months ago

    Wow first of the photos are stunning. It is insane how close you got to them and how beautiful these animals are. I absolutely love the idea of going on a Safari trip like this! πŸ™‚

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Hey yes you most definitely should go!! It’s a magical experience being in the middle of the territory of the animals πŸ˜€

  2. Ticker Eats The World 12 months ago

    WOW, beautiful photos first of all. Pench is one of India’s most popular forests and I am glad you got to visit it. It’s become so important that we all discuss and write about these last few natural reserves in the country. Also, is the painting on top by you? looks spectacular.

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Hey thank you for your kind words but no that painting isn’t by me πŸ™‚ It’s a picture I clicked – converted using an app into a painting like effect. Only the other pics are by me. Yes, its amazing these forests.. and how passionately the guides there conserve them and save them from rowdy tourists

  3. This must have been such a great experience, I would love to go here some day. And I love your pictures!

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Thanks a lot! You should go! India has some of the most beautiful tiger reserves!

  4. Soumya Nambiar 12 months ago

    When we were younger, all of us used to wait for the Jungle book show. Your pictures remind me of that. Never heard of Seoni before. After seeing the pictures would love to go. Both the tigers are so gorgeous. How many tigers are there in the Pench tiger reserve?

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Hey Soumya! You should go! In fact all forests in MP are well conserved and very organized and beautiful! Pench has 45 tigers approximately

  5. Gypsy soul 12 months ago

    I’ve never been to a safari. These photos are amazing.

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      You should go for a safari πŸ™‚ It is an out of the world experience

  6. Amazing pictures! It looks like you got to pretty close to the tigers? Be safe on your forest trips. I would love to attend a safari where I could see some wild animals in their natural living spaces, but only if it does not disturb their lives. This is a very cool place!

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Yes we did but with caution and total silence. Most tourists are serious wildlife photographers who are extremely sensitive and so are the guides. So mostly if you do happen to go, you will encounter a very sensitive environment. And tigers are majestic. They hate to attack when they are right in front of you because the element of surprise is lost πŸ™‚ Plus they never attack without provocation

  7. fouronaworldtrip 12 months ago

    that looks amazing! We just watched the most recent version with the kids over the weekend and ItΒ΄s nice to get a “real testimony” from you.. itΒ΄s like I imagined it πŸ™‚

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      It certainly is and you should go there for sure!

  8. EG III 12 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this magical place. I had no idea that the setting of The Jungle book was based on a real location. I love to see animnals in their natural habitat so, should the chance arrive, I’d love to take this safari as well!

    • Author
      Drashti 12 months ago

      Sure! it is! You should definitely go there for the real adventure πŸ˜€

  9. TogetherInThailand 12 months ago

    awww so lovely! I am a huge nature and animal lover and this was so cool to see! What a cool experience to be in “The Jungle Book” setting!

  10. snigdha 12 months ago

    Pictures are fabulous.Yes more of nature based and wildlife travel should be done but at the same time not disturb the beings in their habitat.Thanks for the share.

  11. Maria 12 months ago

    Great photos! European children also loved the Jungle Book and for many of us that was our first contact with India a fantastic place with lots of wild animals and deep jungles.

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