Everyone has a dream to travel and what if this dream is free of cost!!

Yes, This offer is from WOW Airlines. They have a job opening wherein four lucky travelers will be selected to travel four destination and they will require to  Snapchat all about those destination. The list of destination to pick up from is Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Milan, and Reykjavik. Every trip will have at least two mind-blowing activities that will be perfect for Snapchat. The travels are scheduled to happen between June and August.


WOW will cover all the cost relating to travel such as airfare, lodging, and will also provide travel allowance. Cool and interesting right?

These lucky travelers will be called as ‘SnapTravelers’


How to Apply?

The minimum required age is 18 year old, with a passion for travel and good physical health.

All you have to do is create a two-minute Snapchat story, save it an then submit to WOW through this application page.

Last Day to Apply : 8th May 2016

For more details, visit the WOW Air website.

Want to know more about such competition, visit our competition page.

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