Future Airplane from Boeing will enhance your flying experience

With ceiling like shinning stars and large curved screen in first class, Boeing is all set to bring its future Airplane which will take your flying experience to a new height. The experience which you will always remember and want to have again and again. Recently, Boeing has revealed its futuristic Airplane design concept which will deliver a wonderful experience (also called as wow experience in the Airline industry) to all the Airline Passengers.

Here are glimpse of some of the feature of the Futuristic Airplane:

1.Fancy LED projections on cabin ceilings which is capable of giving experience of sunny and blue sky during day and shinning night during nights.

Pic Credit : Boeing


Pic Credit : Boeing

2.Floor-to-ceiling automated doors separating cabins that look like something from a science-fiction movie.


Pic Credit : Boeing

3.Mood lighting that changes color throughout the plane.


Pic Credit : Boeing

4.High-tech lie-flat seats and huge, curved entertainment screens.


Pic Credit : Boeing

5.A futuristic bar with food and drinks for people in first- and business class.


Pic Credit : Boeing


Here is the video released by Boeing for the project. So are you ready for the Futuristic plane ??

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  1. Dan Vineberg 1 year ago

    All this is great, and sleeping under the stars is a nice idea… but as someone who is 6’4, my big question is: does it have more leg-room? 😀

  2. Eloise 1 year ago

    No wonder how this project fits under the Wow Experience name! Happy to see that some of these innovations are planned for the economic class too! I find flying soooo boring, so a bit of innovation could help! 😉

  3. Violeta M 1 year ago

    I’m always ready for a plane like that. However, I doubt my wallet is enough to afford it.

  4. Sarah 1 year ago

    This looks like heaven!

  5. This plane looks unreal! Although all that matters to me is that I get there safely and relatively comfortably lol.

  6. Erica 1 year ago

    Now this looks like an experience! Definitely caught my attention at sleeping under the stars. Only one can imagine 🙂

  7. Jessica 1 year ago

    oh wow! that would make flights more awesome. 🙂 I wonder how much it would be

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