With ceiling like shinning stars and large curved screen in first class, Boeing is all set to bring its future Airplane which will take your flying experience to a new height. The experience which you will always remember and want to have again and again. Recently, Boeing has revealed its futuristic Airplane design concept which will deliver a wonderful experience (also called as wow experience in the Airline industry) to all the Airline Passengers.

Here are glimpse of some of the feature of the Futuristic Airplane:

1.Fancy LED projections on cabin ceilings which is capable of giving experience of sunny and blue sky during day and shinning night during nights.

Pic Credit : Boeing


Pic Credit : Boeing

2.Floor-to-ceiling automated doors separating cabins that look like something from a science-fiction movie.


Pic Credit : Boeing

3.Mood lighting that changes color throughout the plane.


Pic Credit : Boeing

4.High-tech lie-flat seats and huge, curved entertainment screens.


Pic Credit : Boeing

5.A futuristic bar with food and drinks for people in first- and business class.


Pic Credit : Boeing


Here is the video released by Boeing for the project. So are you ready for the Futuristic plane ??

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  1. Dan Vineberg 2 years ago

    All this is great, and sleeping under the stars is a nice idea… but as someone who is 6’4, my big question is: does it have more leg-room? 😀

  2. Eloise 2 years ago

    No wonder how this project fits under the Wow Experience name! Happy to see that some of these innovations are planned for the economic class too! I find flying soooo boring, so a bit of innovation could help! 😉

  3. Violeta M 2 years ago

    I’m always ready for a plane like that. However, I doubt my wallet is enough to afford it.

  4. Sarah 2 years ago

    This looks like heaven!

  5. This plane looks unreal! Although all that matters to me is that I get there safely and relatively comfortably lol.

  6. Erica 2 years ago

    Now this looks like an experience! Definitely caught my attention at sleeping under the stars. Only one can imagine 🙂

  7. Jessica 2 years ago

    oh wow! that would make flights more awesome. 🙂 I wonder how much it would be

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