Dubai is a city full of amazing attractions. From breathtaking architecture, to unbelievable adventures and shopping extravaganzas like the Dubai Shopping Festival, you can find it all in the city limits of Dubai. However, with so many attractions and events happening all around, you can get confused as to what to see and do in Dubai. There are 3 famous attractions in Dubai that you have to see. Without seeing or experiencing them, you will not have truly experienced Dubai.



Considered to be the best shopping festival in the world, DSF is an absolute must for anyone planning to visit Dubai. This shopping festival goes on for a whole month, and the whole city of Dubai participates in it. Not just that, people from all over the world come to be a part of DSF. They plan the trip all year long, save up money, come to Dubai, and leave with the finest products at the best prices. However, calling DSF a shopping fest is an understatement. It is so much more. During the fest, there’s entertainment, there’s food, there are unbelievable prizes and absolute happiness.

One of the biggest draws of the festival is the raffle draw. With each passing year, the prizes seem to get bigger and better. There are luxury cars, millions worth of cash, gold jewellery, high-end electronics, and so much more. Many people win big during the raffle draw, which is done everyday. It is worth just going there for the raffle.

DSF opens in a grand way and closes in a grander way. There’s entertainment in the form of movie stars, singers, international artists, so, this is also a chance to catch your favourite artist performing for free. There’s also amazing foods from around the world. In fact, there’s more food tasting happening here than at actual food festivals. Whatever mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg, You have to come to Dubai during DSF, and experience it all yourself.

Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is possibly the most iconic building in the world. As we all know, Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world, but this is not the only record to its name. It also has the longest travelling elevator, and the most number of storeys in the world. There are ticketed tours of Burj Khalifa that take you to the observation deck on the 124th floor. So, if you are in Dubai, this is one of the must-do activities.

The tour starts in the lobby where you are shown a multimedia presentation that shows you how the Burj Khalifa came into being. Then you take one of the 57 express elevators in the building. In the elevator too, you get to hear and see the story of Burj Khalifa and Dubai. Once you reach the observation deck, soak in the most stunning views in the world. You also have digital binoculars that show you the current view, and the pics of old Dubai, so you actually see the development of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be experienced by all.

Miracle Garden


The Miracle Garden in Dubai, is like its name; a miracle. This 780,000 sq ft natural garden is the largest natural garden in the world. It is another world record setting feather in Dubai’s cap. Another record this place holds is that there are 109 million planted flowers here. So, you can imagine how beautiful this garden actually looks. It is quite a welcome break from the towering buildings, and ultra modern, futuristic avenues. Here, you can relax, gather your thoughts, and just enjoy the beautiful flowers and landscapes. Dubai Miracle Garden is also home to a butterfly garden that holds, close to 15,000 butterflies of 26 different species. Though not overtly famous, the popularity of this place is growing, and it is today one of the must-see places in Dubai.

From the Dubai Shopping Festival to the Miracle Garden, these are the attractions that make Dubai unique. These three attractions contrast each other, but this is the part of the charm of Dubai. It has everything, and can offer everything to tourists who are looking for the vacation of a lifetime. So, when you are planning a Dubai trip, come during DSF, and also check out Burj Khalifa and Miracle Garden. You’ll never forget this trip.

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