We spend two thirds of our lives being preoccupied by various working obligations, meeting deadlines and handling household chores. By the time we reach the retirement, we have become so dependent on our job that we find it difficult to fulfill our ample free time with meaningful sense. However, what we tend to forget is that we should enjoy our time to the fullest and the best possible way to achieve this is to travel. There are endless options we should consider and make the best of our free time. Nevertheless, possible health issues and limited mobility that seniors suffer from in the old age might change their preferences and influence the choice of the nature of travel they intend to embark on. Therefore, going on a day trip is perfect way to recharge batteries and experience some new exciting moments. Here are a few inspiring ideas for a perfect day trip.


National Park

Most of the countries boast with a certain number of wonderfully designed national parks that preserve various rare species of animals and plants of that region. They abound in lush vegetation and beautiful greenery. Also, they offer a variety of arrangements for outdoor activities marked by a network of paths and scenic trails thus creating a perfect setting for relaxation and friend or family gatherings. Most importantly, many of these parks are easily available to majority of people and require just a short-distance drive. It is an ideal way to unwind while surrounded by magnificent scenery and powerful healing nature.


Recently, a day trip to a mountain has been gaining popularity not only among seniors but also among young people. A mountain is a perfect gateway for all of those who need to relieve stress and find their piece of mind. Although a day trip might seem to be too short period of time to truly unwind, it is definitely worthwhile as it gives you opportunity to enjoy in the natural splendor and fresh mountain air without being distracted by any social factors. You might encounter many friendly locals and small restaurants offering delicious organic local food that will satisfy your taste buds. Whether you decide to go alone or in an organized group, it is surely an opportunity not to be missed.


City sightseeing

There is nothing more interesting and invigorating then going on a sightseeing tour to a city. Regardless of whether you are visiting a large cosmopolitan city with a wealth of awe-inspiring cultural and historical sights, or a small town with lovely infrastructure and beautiful greenery, this kind of a day trip will bring you loads of excitement and help you discover some interesting facts about the city. However, it is advisable do some research about good dining places or transport facilities in the city so as to avoid any unpleasant situations.


If you happen to be an adventurous type you can always opt for one of the simplest, most inexpensive and definitely most fun ideas for a day trip – a camping trip. You can either contact some of the local agencies that offer exciting senior coach tours and find out more details about an organized trip of this kind or you can simply gather a few closest friends or relatives and set out on a daily camping trip to a nearby campsite. Not only is it a perfect way to socialize with your friends while preparing delicious barbecue, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to go on long hikes early in the morning when the Sun rises. Naturally, it is essential to bring all the necessary equipment and make the best of your time.


River Cruise

Finally, if you are looking for a moment of relaxation by the river, lunch on a short one-day river cruise and enjoy dozens of amazing sights along the way while having hearty lunch and sipping a glass of fine wine. Since river cruises are rather appealing and popular among tourists, it is best to secure your seat in advance.


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