Dubai has attracted thousands of tourists from all around the globe. Dubai is no longer a land of oil and the desert, the high tech infrastructural city has risen leaps and bounds from the city of oil to the city of tourism. The government has taken note of the importance of tourism in the country, and the results are there to see. Dubai tourism has contributed a significant proportion of the GDP of U.A.E.
A Tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizens entitles them to stay in Dubai for a period of 90 days from the date of arrival in U.A.E. and cannot be extended under any circumstances. The decision to refuse or accept a visa is the sole discretion of the government of Dubai. The validity of the visa is for a period of 60 days from the date of issue. The tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizens issued is in the form of an E-Visa, which is emailed to the applicant from the U.A.E. Embassy.
The tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizen issued by the U.A.E. Embassy is for a single entry visa only.
Mandatory supporting documents for tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizens
Apart from the documents mentioned below, the immigration officer can ask for some additional documents as deemed necessary.
A completed typed visa application form.
Valid passport with minimum 3 months of validity from the date of travel.
Travel itinerary
Confirmed hotel reservation/place of residing in U.A.E.
One passport size photograph with at least 80% face coverage. The photograph should be taken with a white background in JPG/JPEG format with a file size of not more than 5kb.
NOC Letter from the authorized signatory of the present employer clearly indicating the applicant’s name, designation, occupation, the purpose of visit, etc.
Proof of financial stability i.e. 6 months bank statement
Ok to board pass along with the payment receipt from your respective airline
Invitation letter from friends/relatives who are residing in Dubai along with their passport copies which contain the following:

  • Hostname
  • UAE ID no
  • U.A.E. residence address
  • Local contact number
  • Relationship proof with the applicant
  • Profession and designation along with the company’s name
  • Undertaking of guarantee/full responsibility of applicant

Important points to take note:

  • Females below the age of 25 and males below the age of 21 are issued a visa only if they file their application with their parents.
  • Applicants with previous criminal history or miss conduct behavior are likely to be blacklisted in the U.A.E. Immigration and hence could be automatically rejected.
  • Also, if an applicant who is issued a U.A.E. visa doesn’t enter U.A.E due to any circumstances is most likely to face a rejection the next time they apply. You will have to clear your previous U.A.E. visa before a new one is issued to you.
  • Once the payment for the visa fees is done, it cannot be reversed under any circumstances even if your visa is rejected. So don’t apply for a visa if you are not very sure of traveling.
  • Applicants with an unskilled profession as stated in their passports are also at the risk of being rejected.
  • The U.A.E. Embassy prefers Indian citizens with a previous travel history in the last 5 years to countries such as the USA, Schengen countries, UK, Australia, European Union, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Switzerland, etc.
  • Since the entire process is online, there is no need for the applicant to physically visit the embassy.
  • The fees for the tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizens would vary depending on your period of stay.
  • Please take note of the list of holidays observed by the Embassy to avoid any delay in your visa process.
  • You can start to process your visa application from 2 months in advance. Avoid any last minute hassles or issues by planning your trip well on time.
      A visa is generally considered a tedious process for all applicants irrespective whether you are a first timer or a seasoned visitor. Our groups of experts are trained to help and guide you at every stage of your visa application. Now get the pick and drop off your documents at your doorstep or at any place of your convenience in no time. Our motto is that the customer should spend maximum time in finalizing his itinerary, rather than running after visa application processes.
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  1. Marteen 1 year ago

    While I’m not an Indian citizen, it’s good to know that you won’t get your visa fee back if your rejected or circumstances change and can’t travel.

  2. mark wyld 1 year ago

    Very Niche article here, great information for those who will need it

  3. Christine K 1 year ago

    Although this does not apply to me personally, it’s interesting to know what citizens of other countries need to do to secure a visa. I’m sure it will be very useful for securing a visa.

  4. MariaAbroad 1 year ago

    This is very useful information for any Indian citizen looking to visit or work in Dubai. I am a German expat living in the US and I know that finding a resource like your article can be such a helpful resource for someone doing this kind of research!

    • Author
      Chetan Jadhav 1 year ago

      Hey Maria,
      Thanks, I’m glad you liked my post. 🙂

  5. Swati Saxena 1 year ago

    Will use it for when I plan my trip to Dubai 🙂

    • Swati Saxena 1 year ago

      Will use it when I plan my trip to Dubai 🙂

    • Author
      Chetan Jadhav 1 year ago

      Hey Swati,
      Thanks, I hope this will help you.
      Happy Travelling! 🙂

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