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Adventurous Journeys
Adventurous Journeys is fast growing travel blog with enthusiastic and engaging audience and 50 thousands followers on social media. My readers are interested in traveling, sports, adventure, nature, outdoor activities, responsible tourism and more.

Adventurous Journeys was founded by me, Andreja Jernejčič, freelance journalist and photographer, social media butterfly and passionate traveller with background in journalism and 10 years of experiences in traditional and digital media.

Main purpose of this blog is to show people how traveling can improve your life and the world. My goal is to inspire everybody who has passion for travel and adventure, to leave your daily life and follow your dreams to travel the world.
Travel and expat blog

Couplertw is a travel and expat blog that aims to inspire people to travel the World. Meet the people and enjoy life!

Lydiascapes is about bringing you on escapades into the world of spectacular landscapes and untrodden paths. Join us as we journey to discover places, share travel tips to you out there with the same aching desire to explore & venture forth.
Types of Travel : Adventure; Outdoors; Road trips; Backpacking; Exotic; Budget

Northern Thailand Motorbike Travels.
Tips and tricks, blogging and vlogging. Easy guides, info and fun stuff.
Have been living in N.Thailand for 10 years and still exploring!

I have been living in Northern Thailand for 10 years and have been exploring the region on motorbike.
If you plan on visiting Northern Thailand regions, whether on scooter or big bike, or even on public transport, you will find some helpful tips and simplified maps.
I have easy guides which I am constantly adding to ongoing, as well as info and fun observations.
I also have a youtube channel with Thailand based vlogging and videos.

Nomadical Adventures
A combination of adventure and solo travel delving deeper into what it means to travel with a purpose.

At Nomadical Adventures we explore locations on a personal level. We believe that there is so much more to travel than going as a tourist. We want to see places with fresh eyes, new emotions, and a better understanding of what it truly means to travel purposefully.
Our Infinte Earth
Travel and adventure blog for Earth conscious explorers. Save the planet while enjoying the world.

Travel and adventure blog for Earth conscious explorers. Save the planet while enjoying the world. Travel guides and tips keeping earth conservation in mind.
The Salty Fern
The Salty Fern is a Travel Blog that helps you ‘discover the truth about travel’ and expat living.

My name is Fern, a twenty-something lover of all things. I believe my hunger for the world was imparted to me in the womb, with my mother traveling around Europe in the second trimester! From a young age I was wide eyed and ready to absorb anything the world threw at me, and luckily that feeling has not gone away with the years.

After finishing university with a Zoology degree, and working in a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, the most terrifying and bone chilling thought was going home to a 9 to 5 grind. The idea of spending most of my life repeating the same tasks day to day, in an office or lab, scared the life out of me. And so I headed to Manchester airport with a one way ticket and 4 months worth of savings and hoped for the best.

I’m currently in Mexico, living an expat life I never thought possible for me. Coming from a small town in the North of England people gasp in horror when they hear where I live, but to me it’s home and right now there’s no place else I’d rather be.

Ibn Battuta, a wise Moroccan traveler once said, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” and that’s exactly what I plan to do, tell you my story. No matter how crazy, and filled with bumps my road may be, I wish to share it with you. So, won’t you join me on this amazing, beautiful and infuriating rollercoaster that is ‘The Truth About Travel’.


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