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I hope through my blog I can help other fellow travellers through sharing some of my own experiences, top tips and travel itineraries …as well as some funny stories I’m sure!

Follow The Sisters
Follow the Sisters is a blog created to be the platform for sharing the adventures of two sisters who are madly in love with life, traveling, photography, food and their family.

We write about our beloved Bulgaria, about the countries we visit, various experiences, about our favorite (and not so favorite) brands and products, restaurants and bars. Occasionally, we also write on social topics which we find valuable while trying to stay as far as possible from the political scene.

We’re enjoying the interest of people from all over the world – United States (34%), Bulgaria (16%), Canada, Great Britain, France, Slovenia, Germany, Russia and many others. The readers of Follow The Sisters are mostly English speaking (84%) people between the ages of 18 and 44.

We are Nina and Ellie (the sisters): dreamers and idealists firmly believing that the world is a magnificent place and all we, people, need to do is open our eyes and see it. We aim to provide valuable advices on topics we have knowledge or experience in. We travel as much as possible and our favorite destination is the mountain: we couldn’t live without the energy and positivity which nature gives and we try to inspire as many people as possible to follow their dreams.


Jet-settera writes about Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris, Oscar Parties in LA, Film Festivals in Cannes, Venice and San Sebastian, yacht parties in Monaco and in St-Tropez, Art shows all around the World such as Miami Art Basel, Biennale Venice, Frieze Art Fair in London. She has also attended and blogged about prestigious events like the Royal Wedding in Monaco. She also writes about adventure travel across 63 countries. She has traveled all over Asia, Europe and South-America. She hiked many mountains like the Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon. Her blog mixes the most glamorous destinations in the World with other adventurous travel spots. She is an avid scuba diver and dove all over the World in Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Egypt.

Planes & Champagne
Two of my greatest pleasures in life are jumping on a plane and drinking champagne! Due to my extensive travel for work and pleasure, I have been told that I lead a very jet-set lifestyle so it seemed apt to call my blog Planes & Champagne!
Anyone who knows me will also tell you that I love finding great deals! Over the years I have learnt that you don’t need to spend a crazy amount of money to experience a slice of luxury. So with this in my mind….I will share my tips, review hotel stays, restaurants and airline experiences and blog about any great deals that I come across. I hope you enjoy following my travel path and that it inspires you to follow your dreams!

My name is Maggie O’Toole and I go by the name of Planes & Champagne. Whilst not evident from the surname, I am of mixed heritage and was born in the northern city of Manchester 31 years ago to an English father and a Peruvian mother. In 2014 I had the privilege of inheriting an Irish surname when I married my soulmate and partner in crime Mr O’T.

Like most people I know, I fell into my career path in banking and financial services without really knowing who I aspired to be or what I wanted to do. Now 10 years on, I’ve only really started to figure this out, so I am now putting pen to paper to follow my dreams of becoming a freelance lifestyle and luxury travel writer through documenting my jet setting adventures.

Up until November 2015, I was a permanent London resident and had been for 10 years. Due to work commitments, I now split my time between the UK and Switzerland – when I’m not jet-setting around the world that is!

My greatest travel inspiration is my father Ken. He has never been a man of routine and in February 1976 he decided it was time to leave the comfort of my nana’s couch to go and travel the world. He pooled what money he had with some friends and together they headed for London where they bought a run down Land Rover. They then drove 12,000 miles through more than 30 countries until they reached their destination of Johannesburg, South Africa. This was the start of my father’s non-stop adventures around the world until September 1979 when he landed in Lima, Peru and fell head over heels for my mother. The rest as they say was travel history – as a solo hitch-hiker at least….!



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