Hearing the word Train the first thought comes to our mind is an engine moving on its track on land…and this is not wrong because since our childhood we all were taught that Trains are a major part of our land transport system and to contradict if I say that trains are now not only part of land transport system but also a part of water transport….

I am sure you will think that I have gone mad to say this is or insomniac so uttering this in my dreams!!!

But, what if I prove this to be true….

Let me tell you a future story about the India’s first Bullet Train…

This super fast Train which got Its shape inspired by Kingfisher will soon carry us between Mumbai and Ahemdabad in just 2 hours… even before you can complete watching your favourite movie…Most part of the track is proposed to be elevated, isn’t it amazing and say what the chery on the top is that this will also have its route under water through a glass tunnel after thane towards virar.. that means we will enjoy the three releams of the earth all in one journey… i.e Air when going through the elevated track, land when on the normal track and Water for sure!!!

Still not impressed???? Then give me an opportunity to take you to future and show some of the images which will surely give you a feeling of heavenly bliss…

!!! Enjoy the Journey!!!

Underwater train1

Image Source : Silver Rail Tech News


Image Source : MindgoCrazy.com


Image Source : Campuslive 24

Underwater Train

Image Source : wikipedia

underwater tunnel

Image Source : wikipedia

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  1. BonBon 2 years ago

    I am so ready to dive in:) This is so cool!!!

  2. Thank you for giving the information. It’ll help me bunch.

  3. Rob 1 year ago

    I would totally travel this way if it came to be. There are plenty of underwater train tunnels, so why can’t they be more exciting? Technology is pretty advanced these days… So, is this just proposed or is it actually under construction?

  4. Ami 1 year ago

    Ooh yes, I have heard of this, though what I have heard is that it is over land not under water. I like your post better and hope it is underwater. It would be so cool then.

  5. Charles McCool 1 year ago

    Wow, this is so very cool. I might have to travel to India now!

  6. Jamie Italiane 1 year ago

    That would be so cool!

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