1. Venice also known as Venezia in Italian is a city situated in northeastern Italy. The main attraction of Venice is that it is a city built on water and that is why it is also called as ” THE FLOATING CITY”
  2. The city is sited on approx 118 small group of islands and is linked by lot of canals and  bridges. People of city use water bus / ferry to travel from one location to other within the city.
  3.  The city is also famous for its beautiful and colorful buildings  which are built upon wooden platforms that were supported by wooden stakes driven into the ground.
  4. Presently the city is facing a serious problem to protect itself from the flooding and sinking continuously. Various projects are run to manage the water levels in the city. But it is said that if not controlled, the city will be completely sank in the water.


To explore the entire city of Venice minimum 2 days are required but if you are on a budget trip one day is enough as all the major attractions can be covered and one can also enjoy the beautiful buildings and its art while travelling through waterbus.

Before starting your journey in Venice don’t forget to take the Venice transportation card which makes all the ferry transportation free. The cost of Venice card is as follows:

1 Day card – 20 Euro

2 Day Card – 30 Euro


Venice is less costlier than various other cities of europe. One can expolre the major attraction of the city in a day and will cost approx 40-60 Euro (excl. travelling cost to Venice and Gondola ride). The major cost break up are:

  1. Accommodation : Not required for one day. However if you are looking to spend more time, youth hostels can be booked at the price of 20-30 Euro per night.
  2. Food : Depending on what one prefer to eat. However one can expect 5-7 Euro per meal in an inexpensive restaurants. However don’t forget to eat the yummy ice creams and Pizzas (although costly) of the city without which your journey will be incomplete.
  3. Transportation Cost : With the Venice transport card its free.
  4. Sight Seeing : It depends upon what one prefer. Sight Seeing in the major parts will cost around 10-15 Euro, however if one also wants to cover museums the cost may increase to 30-40 Euros.
  5. Gondola Ride : One can also have a romantic rides on the special boats in the city or ride via speed boats. The same will cost 80-100 Euros. The cost is per boat, so cost per person can be reduced by taking a ride in group.

Money Saver Tip :

1) Travel with the Venice Transportation Card,

2) Keep the ferry timetable with you or ask the time for next ferry at any place. This is because some ferries run once in a hour so if missed it will be difficult to cover all major attraction within a day.

3) If you are travelling from Germany, book your travel through Ikarus Reisen Travels as they plan your travel to and from Venice for a day and its really cheap. You only then have to worry about the city travel.

4) Plan your travel in well advance. Booking in last moment will increase your cost by 20-30 Euros.








Murano Glass Factory

Murano Glass Factory





San Marco

San Marco


San Marco

Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride

Island of Murano

Murano is composed of 7 island measures around 1.5 km. The island is famous for the Glass making. There are many Glass factories here along with the Glass Gallery. One can visit the Glass factory and watch how the various beautiful and colorful products of glass are manufactured. There are many factories and you can enter in any one of them and request the owner to see the manufacturing process. It will cost around between 2-4 Euro. You can also purchase some beautiful glass products and they are really cheap as compared to other places in the world where you will purchase the same product with more bucks. Apart from watching the glass factory take a round of the island and see the beautiful and colorful buildings.


Burano is an another island in venice and is chain of four island linked by bridges. The place is famous for its brightly coloured homes. The interesting thing about the place is that the color of houses are regulated by government, meaning if someone wants to color his house he has to send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot. One can walk around the place for 50-60 mins. and really enjoy the colorful sights.

Important Tip : Don’t forget to eat the yummy ice cream of Venice in Burano 😉

Lido Beach

This is a beach in Venice where one can relax and take sunbath. You can spend around 60-90 mins here. Apart froom the beach one can also walk around the nearby roads and enjoy the view of some beautiful hotel buildings. And yes, you can enjoy the famous Venice Ice Cream here too 😉

Piazza San Marco

Popularly known as St. Mark’s Square in English, is a principal public place in Venice. Here one can visit the St. Mark church, museums and also take a walking tour of the place and enjoy the continuous music and songs played by the local people at some place.  One can also take the Gondola ride here which will cost around 80-100 Euro but its really very romantic. so if you are going with your partner, this ride is something you can’t miss.

Important Tips : If you are in Germany and planning to visit Venice, you can book your travel through Ikarus Travels. They will take you from Bus to Venice. Its an overnight journey and buses are quite comfortable. The bus will drop you at the main railway station in Venice i.e Sant Lucia from where you can take the Venice transportation card and cover the above places. The bus will start again on the same day in evening at around 7 o’clock and you will be back to Germany next day morning. Ikarus will charge you around 59-79 Euro depending upon how much in advance the ticket is booked. 

How to visit Venice in one day

1) Take a water ferry from Sant Lucia (Main station) toward Murano. It will take around 30 mins to reach the place.

2) Visit Island and the Glass factory for 60-90 mins and then take a ferry towards Burano.

3) To reach Burano it will take around 45 mins.

4) Spent around 60-90 mins in Burano

5) Take a ferry towards Lido Beach. Spent around 60-90 mins at beach and then take a ferry towards Sans Marco.

6) It takes around 15 mins to reach Sans Marco. Spend 60-90 mins at Sans Marco and then go to Sans Lucia from where you can catch your train/bus back fro Venice.

Useful Links

If you are travelling only for a day in Venice it is important to know the timings of the ferry and pre-plan the places where you want to visit. This is because the ferry towards Lido Beach, Sans Marco and Burano runs once in a hour. So if you missed the ferry you will have to wait for another hour. The timings of ferry can be checked in the below link.

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