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Two days in Vienna

By While I’m Young and Skinny
I spent two days in Vienna last month and I still can’t believe how much sightseeing I managed to do in that time. Despite my itinerary suggesting a crazy dash across the city; from the top of a cathedral tower to wine taverns in the suburbs, I actually had a wonderfully laid-back weekend. So how did I see so much of Vienna?

Vienna romantic weekend – 3 days in Vienna for couples

By karolina
Vienna… it’s probably one of the most famous cities on this planet. Everybody has heard about the beautiful capital of Austria. Even though our homeland, Poland, is located quite close to it, we haven’t been there before this month.

48 Hours In Vienna: Top 10 Things To Do

By Make time to see the world
Vienna has got to be one of the most cultured capital cities in Europe. It’s sophisticated in in simplicity and boasts two castles, classical music masters and some of the most beautiful architecture you’re ever likely to see, all without leaving the town center. But this is one place you will be rewarded for going further afield, because only a short drive away is the wine region of Wachau – and a wine tour is  always great way to spend a day!


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