The growing economics and development in transport made it easier for tourist to take Vietnam holiday packages. As a result, Vietnam tourism industry has risen rapidly along with the enhancement in tourism products. Besides the typical Vietnam holiday packages, there are also luxurious Vietnam packages which aimed to affluent travelers.


This kind of tourism products have been developed by grand and reputable tour operators who have much experience in organizing Vietnam holiday packages for years as well as strong financial budget to promote their tours. In Vietnam, such renowned tour agencies as mentioned above can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Vietravel, Saigontourist, Fiditour,… Although luxurious Vietnam tour packages can bring profitably twice as much as typical tours, typical Vietnam tour packages are still the main products of them and luxurious Vietnam packages are just organized in particular for demands of clients. It is understandable that those tour operators still hesitate to make out this kind of tourism products because it requires not only professionalism of tour agencies but also abundant resources of clients. In other words, it’s about the need and the supply.

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Having said that, there are also travel agencies have been established to provide only luxurious tour. In spite of lacking distinction, they are trying to promote their tours day by day and making much effort to meet the high demand of clients who are mainly from affluent class. Luxury Travel company, the first tour operator focusing on luxurious Vietnam tour package, according to the Guide Magazine, got success in their first steps. With the diversity in products, they have been known more by tourists. Package tours such as: Special Offer at Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay Resort  & Spa, Luxury Summer Retreat in Hanoi & Halong Bay 6 days… are very popular to upper class tourists. More products are being organized and all of them are worth expecting.

We can say that the luxurious Vietnam holiday packages will lead the new trends in the future of Vietnam industry tourism.



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    Nhi 2 years ago

    Vietnam is very beautiful. Pack your bag up and go!

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    I loved your article post. Really Great. Lampley

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