What are you looking for in a city while travelling? Is it the history of the city, museums, castles, old tall buildings you are looking for? Or you may be a nature lover who loves climbing the hills to get that breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. Or you might be the one who looks for the streets with local food speciality, the shops where local residents shop from (hmm! not the tourists’ shops with expensive price tags), the place which is a bit far from the tourist attractions and where you will find the most meaningful experiences.

Edinburgh has many narrow lanes. After a while of walking through these streets you will probably feel that you have already been there before. The city is not big for you anymore. I felt it being on streets after the first 3 hours .

To start with, its always good to get a city tour guide, who can tell you a gist about the city. A bit of history – why the buildings were built so tall in 18th century, how plague was removed by the locating of the buildings on the narrow streets and how Royal Mile got its name from? These and many more mysteries about the city can be discovered when you reach there.

The city was an inspiration for J.K. Rowling while she was sitting in the Elephant House Cafe and looking at the castle, writing her very first book on Harry Potter.


The ‘Greyfriars Bobby’ (1912 novel by Eleanor Atkinson) was based on true story which happened in 19th century Edinburgh. Rubbing Bobby’s nose is said to bring luck, I tried it too!

The Scottish tweed jacket was one of the many attractions. It got hard to find any jacket below £ 200. I visited many shops, but nothing helped. While returning back in despair, Bobby’s luck turned out to be true. I entered a vintage shop called W. Armstrong & Sons. I was stunned to see the huge collection of fur jackets, leather jackets, wool and tweed jackets and everything you might have fancied having in your wardrobe for a winter collection. They are so cheap that I bought a tweed jacket for £ 30. Yes its second hand but its properly fitting and is comfortable. So, what else does one expect from a jacket?

I got quite hungry while walking on the streets and also I wanted to taste haggis which is one of the Edinburgh’s tradition as a food speciality but unfortunately the prices were holding me back from tasting it. It took me a while to find this cafe called Coffee MAVI, its a small shop (yea, you will see a lots of small but essential local shops in Edinburgh). They sold Haggis with bun and I had it with a white coffee. I can never forget the wonderful feeling of this combination. The haggis ball is a mixture of sheep’s meat minced with spices (Its spicy and tasty!). The meal costed me just £ 3 (they accept cash only).

I found what I was looking for and it gave me a sense of achievement by the end of the day as I had just 1 day to explore the city and then return back home on Sunday. A day or two is never enough to explore a city but sometimes time limits can be quite exciting if you are at the right place.

I almost forgot to mention that you will definitely enjoy a lot of bagpipe Scottish music along the streets.

Also if you are driving to Edinburgh, you will find many lambs grazing on your way. You may notice the Edinburgh city sandwiched in between the hills and sea, which I found explicitly amazing while viewing from the top of the Castle Hill road.

University of Edinburgh has a huge playground and the spring daffodils on the way will undoubtedly fill your heart with tremendous liveliness.

I will never forget the wonderful flavor that streets of Edinburgh had offered me.

This trip was originally published on Walk the Street Blog

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  1. Angela K Parker 2 years ago

    Nice pictures. Love the vintage look and the flower patches are beautiful.

  2. jenn 2 years ago

    I almost went there a few years ago! It looks so interesting and beautiful at the same time! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bar 2 years ago

    Look at all those flowers! Awesome ! I so want to go!

  4. Christie Moeller 2 years ago

    Beautiful Beautiful City! Love the photos!

    xoxo Christie

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