Have you ever imagined eating while water flowing by your feet and instead of the wall of Restaurant you have waterfall and surrounded by greenery all around and it seems as you are dinning in the midst of nature.

come out of your imagination as this place really exist in Philippines and The labassin waterfall Restaurant located at the villa Escudero Resort is literally located in a waterfall!!

you will be half a drowned while feasting in this restaurant as water from the waterfall will continuously be flowing underneath your seat and you can not let go the feel of flowing water at your feet.

The specialty of this restaurant is sea food and too served on Bamboo tables….the whole ambiance of the Restaurant is in such a way that you can get as close to the nature as you want and you will be cherishing the same through out…

so, don’t miss to keep this in your bucket list and experience the intricacy of Nature….



Waterfall Restaurant

Waterfall Restaurant1

Here is the lovely video for you !!


Source : Insider

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