Jaisalmer is on the doorstep of the Thar Desert and so is its prime gateway in Rajasthan. It is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in India and Rajasthan and should be part of any travel itinerary in the region.

Jaisalmer has lots of things to do and discover, so be prepared to love this little corner of North India Region and culture.

1. Make an Incursion into the Thar Desert

Do not doubt it; it’s really worth going to the desert. There are several local agencies and hotels that sell raids to the desert and the prices are very similar. The ideal is to spend the night in the desert since the starry nights are magical. But regardless of going for a day or two, the important thing is to go. For those who like it, it is possible to make camel rides on the dunes. It is a great place to try because here the camels are used as pack animals and transporting tourists or goods is not different.

Camel rides are not mass-made, and if you tell a small local agency, you’ll probably go on your own with camel owners. If you do not want to ride the camel, take it for a walk, and enjoy your company on the dunes. Have tea in the desert and get to know the local villages. Do not miss the sunset in the desert.

Thar Desert Jaisalmer

2. Explore the Jaisalmer Fort

The magnificent Jaisalmer fort seems to carry back to the time of the Silk Road where camel caravans crossed the deserts and sought the safety of cities to relax from the dangers of the road and do business. The fort is a testament to the city’s history, a commercial warehouse on the silk, spice and even opium routes of Afghanistan. Enjoy that most of the fort is open to the public, unlike many others in the state of Rajasthan, and explore all its wonderful corners and magnificent views of the city. Do not miss the magnificent Rang Mahal, the Moti Mahal, the Sarvottam Vilas tiles and the Annapurna Bandar.

Jaisalmer Fort

3. Getting To Know the Jain Temples

Jainism is a contemporary religion of Buddhism and with which it has many points of contact. Although Jainism is a major religion throughout India but in Rajasthan, there are many temples worth, visiting as is the case in Ranakpur but Jaisalmer is no exception. Jaisalmer’s Jain temples are scattered throughout the old walled city, fully integrated into the urban landscape. The most beautiful temples are the Chandraprabhu Temple, the Rikhabdev Temple, the Shitalnath Temple, the Sambhavanth Temple, the Gyan Bhandar Library, or the ruins of the Shantinath and Kunthunath temples.

Jain Temple, Jaisalmer

4. Visit the Temple of Laxminarayan

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Laxmi – the consort of God Vishnu. The temple is located inside the fort and is often full of life and devotion. Visiting it at dawn can be a magical moment.

Laxmi Narayan Temple, Jaisalmer

5. Discover the Havelis

The havelis are typical buildings of Rajasthan. They are fortified manor houses often fortified that belonged to the rajaput nobility. The City of Jaisalmer is one of the best cities to enjoy these havelis built with the sands of the Thar Desert and that glow with the rays of the day sun, coloring the city of gold. The hawks of Patwon-ki and Nathmal-ki-Haveli are the most beautiful and worth a visit.

Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer

6. Visit the Mandir Palace

The Mandir Palace is one of the ex-libris of the city of Jaisalmer. Inside, the biggest attraction is Badal Vilas, a multi-storey tower made of wood, metal and paper brought by Muslims who rode to the city in times of camel caravans.

Mandir Palace, Jaisalmer

7. Learn at the Cultural Center and Desert Museum

Outside the walled city, this small and intimate museum can be a beautiful visit. The collection is very small but it is worth talking to your janitor and understanding the desert culture better. At night there is puppet show in Rajasthan.

Desert Museum, Jaisalmer

8. Contemplate Local Life In Manik Chowk

The Manik Chowk is the local market of Jaisalmer that corresponded to the square in the entrance in the fort, where the caravan of camels that crossed the desert in the commercial routes met. Even today it is a privileged place to see the local populations, some nomads, sell their traditional products, especially fur and textiles.

Manik Chowk, Jaisalmer

9. Relax on Gadisagar Lake

The Jaisalmer City Lake is an artificial reservoir created to store the waters to supply the populations. It was built in the 14th century and collected rainwater. It was for centuries the only form of water supply of the city. Today, one can even make boat trips in the reservoir, and it is another place I think of the city.

Gadi Sagar Lake, Jaisalmer

10. Discover Dussehra Chowk

This square inside the Jaisalmer fort was the site of the camel and elephant stops, the place of festivals and city ceremonies. The square is surrounded by magnificent buildings and has a marble throne in the center.

Dussehra Chowk, Jaisalmer

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