We have been traveling together for over four years now and its amazing to see how much you learn from your partner when you are traveling together. From an obsessive-compulsive personality who couldn’t part ways with her need for packing every single thing for a three-day trip, I have now moved on to taking one pair of jeans for a four-day trip. I guess that’s what travel does to you.

Here are the different travel personalities we have been (and probably still are) and have come across during our travels:

The Ring Leader:

This kind of a traveler loves to take control of the entire situation. He/she plans the whole trip and probably even loves to be the star of the show.

The UPSIDE: The good thing is that you needn’t worry about a single thing going wrong because there are solutions worked out in the ring leader’s head already :)

The DOWNSIDE: The downside to this kind is that they possibly don’t let the other fellow travelers do things at their pace.

The happy-go-lucky one:

This personality loves to do things at his/her own pace. He/she hates to be part of a packed schedule where the group is jumping from on site to another. They are probably the crazy ones in the gang that make you laugh for the silliest of things.

The UPSIDE: With these guys around, you are no short of entertainment.

The DOWNSIDE: They always want to have some fun and party all night. This obviously might not appeal to some members of the group.

The over-loaded one:

This is exactly what I was a few years ago. This personality packs every single thing; from his/her favorite flip-flops to their alarm clocks that they can’t part ways with. By the end of it, this person possibly has a bag or bags that weigh tons that you might have to carry around.

The UPSIDE: He/she has their whole house dumped inside the suitcase most probably. In case you need a pair of scissors or even a sewing kit, you know where to look.

The DOWNSIDE: I feel really sad for you if you are the designated porter.

The Loner:

We personally get into this mode once in a while. This kind of a traveler would rather be by themselves and walk around with no disturbance whatsoever. They just wander about, minding their own business and don’t mingle much with the rest of the gang.

The UPSIDE: This person is probably the history buff and has read a lot about the place beforehand. You right away have a walking encyclopaedia at your disposal.

The DOWNSIDE: He/she might just go missing once in a while, but you shouldn’t let it bother you. These kinds of travelers are best left by themselves but are quite fun when they decide to start talking :)

The Lazy one:

This type always goes on vacations to relax and go on hibernation inside the room. All meals are preferably had within four walls with the television switched on 24/7.

The UPSIDE: This personality could sort of influence you to take a chill pill once in a while when you are on vacation.

The DOWNSIDE: This might just annoy the rest of the gang simply because he/she is always whining about stepping out and even if they do step out, they want to head back to the room ASAP. What’s more dangerous is that the laziness might just rub off on you.

And, you can forget about getting them to enjoy the sunrise with you :)

The Duracell bunny:

This personality is the one that always wants to be exploring. He/she is the one that’s always on the lookout for new places to go to and wants to finish all the possible sight-seeing nearby.

The UPSIDE: You’re going to explore the place to the max with this person around. It might drain you completely but you’ll have such exciting memories to look back at.

The DOWNSIDE: There is no way you’re going to ‘relax’ with this personality around you.

So which travel personality are you? We know we are a combination of all of the above! :)

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  1. Great idea for a post – it’s so easy to spot all these different types of traveler and even better when you can see them interacting with each other! I’m definitely a ringleader – but it’s OK, because I only ‘ringlead’ my partner and he’s happy to go with my flow!

  2. Samiya selim 3 years ago

    Am the ringleader for sure 🙂 works out most of the time, other times make everyone else exhausted with my packed itinerary!

  3. Paula 3 years ago

    I am a combination of the energizer bunny and the ringleader and like Vicki, it works for us because my partner hates planning and loves most of my choices. He does not like the energizer bit as much because I get so involved in what we are doing I forget he needs to stop and eat regularly – I can go hours without food and that drives him a bit nuts at times.

  4. Janna 3 years ago

    I think I’m a combination of The Ringleader and the Duracell bunny. Although I do try to make it easy going for my fellow travelers most especially my husband, who is very understanding btw lol.

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