The Women visited 7 wonders after being Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

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Many of us have a dream to travel. But somehow, we are unable to do so and have kept our dream aside. There may be many reasons behind this but most of us are not able to come out of those hindrance and fulfill our dream to travel.  I too have a dream that I travel…travel a lot but was not able to do so far because of many issues. Daily I use to give me some or other excuses but never made the decision that YES !! now, I will start. But today, when I read the story of Megan Sullivan, it gave me a motivation to start travelling and fulfill my dream.

Megan Sullivan, she fell 50-ft climbing in Yosemite, got hit by car and then diagnosed with Skin cancer. All this happened within a span of one month but within two weeks she decided to see the 7 wonders of the world. The injuries and  the pain she had made her more bold and she decided to take a new outlook of life, to live more and to enjoy the life to the fullest. She finally took off with 15 flight tickets, 10 days of planning and 13 days to see the beautiful world. Here are some photographs from her trips. (In each picture she’s counting the seven wonders on her fingers.)

Day 1 :Chichen Itza

Day 1: Chichen Itza #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 2 :Machu Picchu

Day 2: Machu Picchu #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 4 : Cristo Redentor

Day 4: Cristo Redentor #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 5 : Colosseum

Day 6: Colosseum #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 8 : Petra

Day 8: Petra #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 11 : Taj Mahal

Day 11: Taj Mahal #7wonders13days #livemorenow

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on


Day 12 : Great Wall of China

Day 12// Great Wall of China

A photo posted by Megan Sullivan (@megthelegend) on

Megan Sullivan is really an inspiration for all of us to realize our dreams. Here is the short video of her travel.

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