Can you imagine a desert with full greenery?? You will say I have gone mad as how, a desert can be green. But you will be shocked when I will tell you that “The Oasis Eco Resort” Group has decided for the development of the world’s greenest resort in the Liwa region of UAE.

Despite being in the desert area, the company claims that this resort will be the worlds most greenest resort with all sustainable features such as water recycling, zero emission zone and solar panels to meet all the energy requirement.

The construction is proposed to start in 2018 and the deadline of 2020 is kept for the completion of the project. Here are some features of the resort :

1 The resort will be star shaped and will surrounded by spring which will be used for the recreational activities and crop irrigation.

Greenest Resort-1_01

2 It will have 84 luxurious suites and all will be spring facing

Greenest Resort-2_01

3 Resort amenities will include fine dining restaurants that use ingredients grown on site, as well as a fitness center and spa.

Greenest Resort-3_01

4 The roof is designed to maximize the resort’s square footage in order to house as many solar panels as possible — 157,000 square feet in all. Those will power 100% of the resort’s energy needs.

Greenest Resort-4_01

5 The resort will employ wildlife biologists and conservation staff to keep the oasis lush, and in harmony with its surrounds.

Greenest Resort-5_01

The Eco Resort Group sees eco-tourism as beneficial for the environment, community, heritage, and economy of the Liwa region.

Image and Story Source : Business Insider


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  1. Looks stunning! It will be interesting to see how they pipe water into the desert in a sustainable way… if they are promoting themselves as an eco destination it would seem that water is one of the major considerations!

  2. Kenny 3 years ago

    Looks intersting concept – hopefully to see it in real ! @

  3. nirmal 3 years ago

    looks very exotic and beautiful.

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